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Jewel Lines

¡Mueve las bolas para combinarlas según el color y así superar cada nivel! A medida que avances irán apareciendo más y más bolas. Cada nuevo nivel trae más cantidad de bolas y más obstáculos encontrarás en tu camino. ¡Piensa antes de actuar para mover las bolas de Jewel Lines y así llegar a ser un as en este juego!
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Howdy Glenn, I read your comment on iMonk about the guy on the sooapbx. I, too, have had those times when I felt that I should have spoken to a fellow Christian in such a situation, but did not. And this came as a needed reminder to me to do what I neglected to do yesterday and to follow through.Very interesting to read of your pilgrimage' in China. A friend who teaches English classes for Chinese students at a university noted their curiosity about Christmas. I have a book about the Christmas truce of WWI and was wondering whether students would have any interest in it or whether the history is too remote for them to appreciate the story. If you would be interested in looking at it, I would be glad to send you the pdf.Yours in Christ,Mike Snow in South Dakota